Chung Man Ho

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Fingerprint As The Key To A Unique Design

Human fingers is unique. It is the innate strength that helps to solve the problems as well as take care of different kind of business in life. This brings a belief that human fingers is the potential to create a future and is a key to bring change the world for a better life. Such useful tool also feature an aesthetic appearance, “fingerprint”. It does not only emphasize oneself identification but also reveal a unique organic pattern that characterized an ability on “unique business”. So, I believe that my fingers and the prints can bring a differentiated skills and presentation in the field of design as well as my future career will become wonderful.

In addition to innate strength is the potential to bring infinite possibilities in life, I believe that can also rewrite people’s faith. In these 4 years, I experienced different field of studies from graphic design, including basic craftmanship, typography, illustration, motion graphics as well as UX design. In these areas, they are interesting that I can apply my ability and “innate strength” to develop interesting works and hence I am able to enter polyu (School of Design) for extended design study as well as the chance to exhibit my favourite works in annual show at School of Design .

Although the equipped ability does a room for improvement, I believe people still have the chance to rewrite their faith and future once their “innate strength” is keen on working.