Chris Shaw

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BA(Hons), Falmouth University
MA(Dist), Bournemouth University

Research Title
Identifying An Educational Framework To Develop Imaginative Thinking For Animation Students : An Asian Perspective

Dr. Henry Ma (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Kenny Chow (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
Although there are a wide range of definitions for Creativity (Kaufman, J. C. and Sternberg, R. J. 2010, Runco, M. A. 2014, Sawyer, R. K. 2012), it is commonly agreed it comprises of Knowledge and a Novelty factor (new/unique) to produce something of Use (Robinson, K. 2011, Sternberg, R. J. 1998). In order to grow the Creative Industries in Singapore, educational programmes understandably need to provide students with the opportunities and resources to develop both aspects of this definition – Knowledge and Imagination.

Imagination is the experimental section of the mind used to develop theories and ideas based on domain specific knowledge. It is the ability to consider options (Robinson, K. 2011, Sternberg, R. J. 1988, 1998) and produce rapid prototyping in the brain. It allows us to apply knowledge and ask ‘What if?’ questions without being limited by obstacles such as conventions and practical rules (Egan 1992).

This research aims to seek a deeper understanding of the relationship between imagination and creativity, and identify factors that develop and inhibit students’ approaches to imaginative thinking. Ultimately, the aim is to develop an educational framework to develop a habitual approach to imaginative thinking.