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Hello, My name is Chow Ka Kiu, Kit. I am a student from the School of Design of the Poly University, my major is Digital Media that is related to live-action and animation.

For myself, I like to do the drama and film more than the animation, I really enjoyed to work with a team and every step of video-production. In this two year of my bachelor's degree, I found my role of the production, I like to be the producer to guide the whole team and whole video process that I got any sense of accomplishment on it. I think the Producer is the connection between the team and the actor, even the boss. I need to have great communication and management skill to make sure the production goes smoothly and successfully. So, I think this role is full of challenge.


In 2018, the Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre happened the mistreatment and the human subject research for the prisoners, the issue raised the public’ awareness. Lee Shun Chiu - is the victim of the issue and he is the father of Lee Chi Wing.

In 2038, Lee Chi Wing decided to meet the Psychological counsellor of the jail Sin Ming who related to the issue, through the meeting was revealed the whole happening. In the past, Sin Ming gave up to expose the truth of the centre mistreatment in order to his own safety and benefit, he falls into the psychological predicament by the stress and regret.



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