Veronica, Ching Lee

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''Interior vernacular . Spatial identity . Cultural diveristy . Density . Complexity''

A Hong Kong - born Environment & Interior design student, loving the city where I have lived for almost 20 years. I am interested in looking into the unique spatial identity of Hong Kong to explore the new limit and spatial opportunities of urban space in Hong Kong, with particular interest in designing space in Hong Kong with relations to its cultural diversity, density and complexity.


The Interpolated Hongs



自六十年代起直到現在,香港上環一帶聚集了不少家族經營的「海味行」。傳統上,這些「行」着重於小型生產與銷售模式 (貨物的陳列、文化價值及維持生計的方式)。現代的「行」的重心更應拓展至其社會價值,思考如何透過室內的生產及生活模式以加強家庭之間的連繫及文化價值的延續,重新展現傳統的社會關係。

本設計目標以轉化’Interpolation’ (插值: 有關數碼印刷解像度) 為空間設計的概念,探索本土空間設計語言及結合以「海味行」為重心的居住空間及生產空間。重新定義傳統空間的界限,以「空間解像度」的概念重新演繹傳統「海味行」空間的表達手法。

The conglomerated Dried Food Hongs in Sheung Wan used to be family based and established during the 60’s, where the Hongs are now being co - run by the families of the next generation.

The project aims at celebrating and illustrating this complex context and background of hongs through transforming the idea of interpolation in a spatial mean. Hence, to repicture the spatial representation of the living and production components of these hongs with the emphasis of the interior vernacular. Through creating different transitional space in between different individual units with various ‘spatial jointers’ designed, the project keeps intergrating and linking individual units layer by layer.

Hence, the project exaggerates the spatial resolution to blur the conventional spatial boundaries and to redefine the interrelationship between living and production space of the dried food hongs. Menawhile, enhancing the people’s direct engagement within the space.

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