Chien-Hui (Aria) Yang

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BArch, Feng Chia University
MDes, University of Wales/ Domus Academy

Research Title
Living Together for Social Interaction: Design Factors of Senior Housing for the Third Age 

Dr. Newman Lau (Chief Supervisor)
Prof. Daniel W.L. Lai (Co-supervisor - Department of Applied Social Science)

About the Research
With the extended life expectancy, the ageing population is growing at a faster rate than children. One of the growing challenges is the lack of appropriate housing stock for older people to live independently in their home for as long as possible or ageing in place. Many ageing adults are living together to foster greater network and support. However, a fair number of these housing units are often poorly managed or designed.

The research aspires to construct a new framework of co-living for ageing in place. More specialised housing is urgently needed and the questions about how older people will live together have never been more relevant - What resources are shared in a co-living environment? What are the design factors? What other factors are involved? The study aims to address these questions by identifying the needs and behaviours of older people who live in long-term care facilities and examining design factors which encourage social interaction.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes