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You are my gravity. 你是我的引力

The advertiser of this campaign is the yuen po street bird garden. The problem that they are facing is less and less millennial choosing bird as pet. And my project is to change the misperception of keeping a bird is oldfashioned by highlighting the interaction between human and birds. The idea of my project is “Human are the gravity of birds.”
Birds are creatures that live without gravity. However, some of them tends enjoy being around human. The relationship between human and birds will be demonstrated by the concept of gravity in this idea.

人是雀鳥的引力 雀鳥是一種反引力的生物 但偏偏他們其中一些會選擇留下來 留在人的身邊 這個構思就是希望透過引力 帶出雀鳥和人的關係

Supervising Tutor: Manto Yiu

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