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"HK Craft Street" Interactive Exhibition

In recent year, different traditional mom-and-pop stores closed down and people have gained more attention on the local heritages.

Our design is an interactive handicraft exhibition with imitating the old Hong Kong scene. We planned to build a virtual street with the shop of 7 main tranditonal crafts. Each shop would display the specific culture by innovative installations and behave like an automatically runned handicraft workshop allowing visitors to learn and experience.

The “Zong Kee Cold Metal Work Museum” is one of the seven handicraft museums. It is designed to educate visitors about the local declining industry of shaping galvanized-iron craft. Visitors may go around and investigate every single stuff contained in the shop. The museum is divided into three exhibition area, “Small Talk with Tinsmith”, “Interactive Cold Metal Work Display” and “Show your Kong Fu” installation.

Visitors may enhance the understanding of the industry through a small talk with the tinsmith on screen. The growth and decline of the industry and the value of crafts will be shared in his story.

Traditionally, when visiting the museum, visitors need to imagine and try to figure out what is the story and behind the exhibits by themselves. “Interactive Cold Metal Work Display” offers a clear picture that the value and process of creating every specific product by video.

“Interactive Cold Metal Work Display” and “Show your Kong Fu” are interrelated installation. Visitors may select the favorite craft on display and enjoy the process of shaping it in the game stage.

Supervising Tutor: Bruce Wan

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