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strEAT – Hong Kong Snacks Sauce 响度食 — 香港小食醬

Hong Kong Snacks Culture Snacks Culture started from 19th century, due to economic downturn & low employment rate. It started on street, which is a kind of street culture. 1979, Hong Kong Government stopped publishing the itinerant hawker licences. Number of hawkers dropped.

Snacks & Sauce
Sauce is an important seasoning for snacks. For examples, Chee Cheong Fun, has very light taste but unique texture. After adding sauce, it comes out delicious and rich flavour. Different snack has different texture, sauce gives them an unique taste. It is not hard to find snacks such as fishball, siu mai and rice roll in supermarket, but it is hard to find the typical sauce for each snacks. As snacks store has their own secret recipe for sauce. This is also why we buy snacks but seldom make it by our own.

Bring the taste home
To bring snacks back to street, it is needed to gain support from government and deal with hygiene issue. Therefore, there is a suggestion: Bring snacks to our home and share the taste with families and friends. The value of snacks is the connection to community. A snack sauce brand could let people to bring HK taste and story to home, and reconnect the relationship with their families and friends.


Supervising Tutor: Fung Ho Yin

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