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Hello, my name is Kin and I am from Hong Kong.

I have graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and worked in the corporate banking industry for 2 years. To follow my true passion for design so I started to pursue a new career in design. I have further studied Interior Design & Product Design, and I have gained work experience at 3 local design studios as an internship. I know sometimes, the risks we don’t take are the ones we will regret. I have been determined ever since to accomplish my ambitions.

Design allows me to transform ideas in my mind into something tangible, and the ability to convert imagination into reality intrigues me. I believe that “Design is a journey of discovery”.  As my interest in design grew, I had discovered my passion and creativity. I had discovered the courage to launch my dream and do what makes me happy. I found my ability to integrate both creativity and problem-solving. I loved it and knew that design was what I wanted to do. I began to question why things were designed in a certain way. I was naturally drawn to learn more about the world of design.

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