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An Interactive Media Graduate from the Class of 2017. Independent worker with high energy and great communication skills. Maintain high professionalism, patience and efficiency under any environment.

I love to push myself into the ultimate perfection.




Hong Kong people have been sleeping with millions of dust mites every night. The allergy led people to be more aware and developed a basic sense of house cleaning over these days. However, the knowledge on antibacterial cleaning is still limited especially for young adults. They cannot remember the complicated time-consuming cleaning process and result in a long-term impact on their health.


Rubit believes that encouraging individual initiative and family cooperative learning can establish a habit of cleaning bedding for young adults. The kit includes a mobile application and a device tailor-made for young adults and their family. By checking temperature, moisture and dust mite levels, Rubit analyses every data to automatically deliver the personalised suggestion and tutorials from the experiences of folks and family members. Users can also take challenges to enjoy the pleasure of cleaning together.


We trust that Rubit is the most singular assistant on bedding cleaning.

Simple, but powerful.


香港近四成人因塵蟎而引發哮喘及過敏等徵狀。儘管人們對床上用品清潔已有所關注,可是在抗敏知識上 仍然相當薄弱。由於部份床上用品清潔需時,而且程序繁複,在缺乏經驗及時間下,年青人難以掌握箇中 技巧,導致塵蟎在床上用品滋生。我們期望透過家人間的互相學習和支持,並鼓勵年輕人嘗試參與清潔, 建立一個長期的清潔習慣。


Rubit是一款床上用品清潔應用程式及智能裝置。透過分析裝置所偵測到的塵蟎水平及濕度等數據,並整合 個人習慣及家庭成員的清潔技巧,Rubit會自動為用户提供最佳的清潔方案和即時教學。同時,用户亦能在應 用程式中接受不同的挑戰,享受清潔的樂趣,從而養成長期和正確的清潔習慣。


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