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Along with Child 語星同行

“Alone with the Child” is a self-usable training platform for autistic children to cultivate and train their receiving skills in communication. It is a mobile game with VR and AR technologies, which provides autistic children with interactive storytelling and immersive experience to motivate them to reconnect with other children through the enhancement of receiving stage in communication by providing the entertaining experience.

In the game, autistic children are able to practice their receiving skills of eye contact, body language, facial expression, and speech. It provides easy-to-difficult missions and step-by-step game experience to help them progressively establish their habit of making the correct focus in the communication.

Through learning and training from our product, autistic children can enhance their receiving skills and establish good habit to communicate with other people. It also trains their awareness of getting the message and feeling from others to further improve their communication skills. Using the gamification method, they will have a fun learning process and well absorbed in social skills. While increasing the awareness in communication, they will finally reconnect with the society and establish a good relationship with others.

Supervising Tutor: Newman Lau

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