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The Grooming Man 搽嘢夫

The Grooming Man is about to change the current behaviour of men skin care and promote grooming as lifestyle. The fact tells us that the skin of male has its own weakness comparing with female. The social norms and gender stereotype keep affecting the mind of male to obtain well grooming and skin care.

A promotional campaign which lasts for 12 months will be launched. The Grooming Man understands that convincing people to have correct grooming habits needs a period of time. Therefore, the first stage is to state the harm of surplus substance on skin. The second stage is to educate about the skin care procedures. The third stage is to assist men build up grooming habit.

Different deliverable will be published in three stages. The main theme of campaign is based on the procedures of skin care which are cleansing, toning, moisturizing and shaving. Hong Kong young men within the age range of 18 to 40 is the target audience. The Grooming Man can educate the importance and knowledge of skin care and grooming to the audience who have never cared about their skin.

Supervisong Tutor: Chow Yuen Mei, Amy

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