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Come Round Playground

“Come round playground” is a problem based design project which examines the overview of the public outdoor children’s playgrounds in Hong Kong. Play is an inborn trait and talent for all of us. It also allows us to unleash our potential. However, the concept of “Diligence has its reward, Play has no advantage” has been deeply ingrained in today’s society. Today kids’ play time has become more of a luxury.

Consequently, through exploring the peaks and valleys of local playgrounds, the project aims to reflect the inadequacies and unified hardwares of local playground and remind the general public the importance of play for children in today’s society and local playgrounds.

The initial title of the project is “Come Round Playground”. Come round has the meaning of re-arousing consciousness and changing others’ perspective towards a certain issue. I hope to change their opinion playground that the idea of play and creativity lies beyond equipment.

Supervising Tutor: Brian Kwok

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