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歷歷 Memoir

A story about a mother disrupting two brothers’ lives after 10 years of disappearance. The mother comes back to delete her memories of abandoning her two sons to make her not feel so guilty anymore but then she discovers the owner of the studio that provides such service is her oldest son, Jim. She goes and meets her youngest son Josh as well and starts to bond with him. Josh welcomes her back but Jim keeps rejecting her. The story then unfolds a secret that has been kept in Jim’s heart for 10 years, that Jim has washed his little brother’s memories of how their parents didn’t want the custody of Josh as they both wanted new lives.

The short film explores the topic of regrets and sad moments in life, showcasing the complicated relationship among siblings. Despite all the regrets and challenges in life we all have to go through, certain things will always find its way back and family bonds will always seep through.

Tutor: Terry Lam

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