Pui Yu Carol Ng

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A communication designer, does visuals and stories. Currently at a journey of understanding the world with different media in various contexts.

Believing design is not an expressive and aesthetic trick. It is to present the best solution to a question with evidence-driven thoughts, cultural sensitivity and honesty in all dimensions. 

Class of 2018.


Health Lounge 康樂大廳 — A Sense of Health

Health Lounge is a project that refreshes people’s impressions of public general out-patient clinics. Visitors often have to deal with long waiting times and overwhelming amounts of information. In this project, the use of motifs of natural forms, a re-arrangement of space, and new information displays will change the dull waiting experience. Public clinics will be transformed into places with vitality where people can sit comfortably and chit chat with other visitors. Surrounded by natural motifs, visitors can alleviate their anxiety while waiting, experiencing a sense of ‘health’.  


Supervising Tutor: Anneke Coppoolse

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