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I am Bao Qiancheng, a design student from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design.

I am a product designer focusing on footwear Design. I really love the process of designing innovative and functional construction to improve the product performance, and I always enjoy developing playful design story for the product.

Last year I won the 2018 World Sneaker Championship, and now my final year capstone project is selected as the TOP40 Projects of the FYP+ Supporting scheme held by HKXF around all Hong Kong.

Please feel free to check my design works through https://www.behance.net/baoqcraft


Footwear for Barefoot

In the East Africa and Third World countries because of poverty, more than half of the people don’t have shoes and a large part of people are affected by foot bacteria and parasites.

Some Africans use abandoned tires to make shoes. even though tire sandals have many defects, abandoned tires are cheapest, most endurable material they can find. And the strong local style already made the tire shoes become an icon of African footwear.

This project will design footwear in ‘Modern Tribal’ style to attract customers from developed countries raising attention towards those populations in need. The design is inspired by the tire shoes and will use tire as a key material. each of the reclaimed tires will be sliced and made into 1 pair of high-ended shoes and several pairs of basic shoes, the high-ended shoes are for civilized world customers, and the profit will be used for delivering the rest basic shoes to the Africans in need.

This project builds a bridge between the developed countries' consumers to third world countries' people. The footwear design raised consumers' attention and provide them a chance to get into action, purchase the shoes to give barefoot people shoes, This is the reason why the project is called "Footwear for barefoot".

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