Ka Ying, Ivy Au

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Keep thinking, treasure every moment and chance I got. Don't want to be anyone else, just want to be unique, be myself, and keep on believing what I love.



What is the equation of happiness? It should include family, love and fellowship, none of them could be omitted. In order to present these three elements in the reality, we choose toproduce three individual story, which are related to loneliness in family, emptiness in love and doubt in friendship. Our group consisted of three female students and each of us direct one story. This is our first time being the director.

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《決戰520》520 Battle

This is my first short live-action video production in this course. Our team decided to have a video showing the truth and the crude of the world. But we want to present it in a funny and exaggerative style. The story is about the revenge of a master and the bad idea of him to win the gold medal in the Competition of Rock, Paper, Scissors (520 Battle!)

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