Aruna Venkatesh

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G.D. Arch, Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, India;
MDes (Design Education), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Research Title
A study on the learning development of interior design students in designing interior spaces

Dr. Henry Ma (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Sandy Ng (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
While the profession of interior design is constantly evolving and changing, the field of education is striving to respond to those rapid changes. Amidst the intersection of theory and practice, the question that remains is how students interpret what is taught and learn to design. In particular, how they learn to comprehend the concept of space and make it explicit in their designs. How the technological and socio-cultural environments as an additional influence in shaping their learning development needs to be continued as an area of research. The research questions are: how do interior design students learn to design interior spaces? How does their learning develop from designing spaces as abstract solutions to pragmatic ones.

Supporting questions include: What is the influence of the socio-cultural and technological environments on their learning development? How do their conceptions of interior space change from education to practice?

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes