Anders Gammelgård-Larsen

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Danish student with a bachelor degree in TechnoAnthropology at Aalborg University. TechnoAnthropology focus on how culture shapes new technologies and how technologies mediate human actions, as well as the social, practical and ethical implications. This provides a thorough understanding of the interaction between technology and people.

However, in order to effectively use this understanding to improve technology, I wish to gain practical skills in actual design. I am therefore persuing a Master in Interaction Design (MDes) from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

I am particularly interested in designing technology that supports people with a physical handicap or mental diagnosis. These people have special needs that require personalised solutions, but they might not be in a position where they have much influence. For example, how do you design a Healthcare Patient Online Portal for people who are illiterate or visually impaired? Or how do you design a robot that can help people with autism to train their social skills?