2015-SD3471 Entrepreneurship

16 Projects



Group 01: On the Highway

Innovative Small Pet Carrier for Motorcyclists

On the Highway is a brand that specializes in suitcase and travel transport fashions.  Their first product is an innovative dual-use small animal carrier intended for people who use a 2-wheeled transport method to get around (motorcycle, scooter, bicycle) and who want to bring along their pet.  Several sizes and styles available, but first version of product features retro styling reminiscent of US mid-century motorcyle brands (Harley, Indian).

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Group 02: Hong

Incense delivered in an entirely new and beautiful new way

Hong is a brand that focuses on mood management, be it peace or exitation.  Their flagship product is a sensory stimulation system designed to shape mood.  A cleverly crafted blend of natural and man made materials, the device both creates a mesmerizing visual experience plus it features a time-release scent release function.  Intended for people interested in relaxation, meditation and helping the mind and body achieve a positive mental state.

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Group 03: Featuring

Jewelry that communicates deeply fundamental personality information 

Featuring is a personality profiiling firm that uses physical artifacts to help complementary personality types find each other in the social jungle.  They make jewelry and fashion accessories that either signal the personality type of the wearer, or their desired personality counterpart.  The ideal featuring customer is a Teen or Young Adult who wants others who identify with the Featuring "tribe" to immediately be able to understand the values, principles and mindset of who they encounter, and act appropriately as a result.

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Group 04: Prime

Fashion Forward accessories for young adults with playful hidden features

Prime is a playful fashion forward brand that develops attractive items with useful, hidden features.  Their first product is a clutch that features a liquid dispenser and integrated cup for situations where refreshments are difficult or impossible to access.  Prime items are intended for women of any age where refreshments are needed, but they primarily target the Young Adult female segment.

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Group 05: Lilliput

Safe, durable & stylish contemporary furniture for very small places

As a brand, Lilliput specializes in conceving small, precious items for minimalist, small-footprint environments.  Their current offering is a line of safe, durable & stylish contemporary furniture designed for very small places.  Lilliput items are not only cute, they are crafted with luxury levels of fit & finish as well as a conscious rejection of materials that may release toxins into their environment.  Lilliput creations are intended for the smaller-framed health-conscious Adult and enlightened parents.

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Group 06: Duty Off

Mood signaling necklace for young career starters frustrated with conformity

Duty Off is a brand that aims to help Young Adults release pent-up personality energy after a hard day of conforming at work.  Their mood signaling jewelry is made for young, hip urban dwellers entering the workforce and coping with the conformity that environment requires.  Their first item is a shape shifting and multi-colored necklace that can be used as a neutral fashion accessory in the office during the day, but which turns into an active mood beaconing device after work, at the bar or at a party.

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Group 07: Alpha

Outdoor  brand featuring multi-function items for Hiking, Biking and Camping

Alpha is an activewear brand that focuses on packing as much functionality into hiking, camping and outdoor gear as possible.  Their first collection of signature items focus on hiking, biking and running with every product packed with multi-functionality.  Alpha targets the young (and young at heart) outdoor-oriented individual looking to get more out of their supporting gear, as well as signal their cleverness and fashion sense.

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Group 08: Ice Beam

Light enabled skates to make watching figure skating even more beautiful and fun

Ice Beam is one of the rare brands that able to blend art with cutting-edge technology functions without dimishing either in the process.  Ice Beam specializes in producing light-based solutions for figure skaters, and their products are intended for Olympic, Professional and Amateur figure skaters.  Ice Beam products are designed to help figure skating artists inspire and transport their audience even further by making figure skating an even more beautiful and fun to watch art than it currently is today.

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Group 09: Dulll

a Fashion forward unisex brand with a handbag that lights up when it is opened

Dulll is an ironic fashion brand that integrates invisible high technology functionality into gender-neutral pret a porter fashions.  Their latest item is a messenger-style bag made of a waterproof 2-layer sandwich of advanced man made materials that lights up when opened.  Intended customers are extremely fashion-savvy Young Adults who act as fashion leaders in Asia and whose tastes are likely to be reflected abroad.

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Group 10: CatchYa

A brand producing jewelry that reflects the essence of various World Cities

CatchYa treats high-visibility areas of the body (wrist, neck) as a canvas for the expression of personal values, but through the lens of an urban-centric design language that incorporates memes from popular culture.  Their first offering, a "Hong Kong" themed necklace, links the wearer to lasting popular themes associated with what uniquely describes Hong Kong (Multiculturalism, Power, Money, Prestige). Other members of the CatchYa "CityScape" portfolio capture the essence of several other famous world cities (Paris, Tokyo, New York) and express their unique cluster of pop culture values, in a personal way.  Intended for stylish, cosmopolitan young women.

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Group 11: InvisibleMan

Enables customized or even "secret" messages on commonly available items

InvisibleMan is a brand that specializes in taking existing, everyday items and somehow dual-purposing them for permanent (or temporary) message or meaning passing.   Their latest offering is a hand-operated, self-configurable embossing machine that leverages advances in 3D printing to customize standard business cards after they have been mass produced.  The target InvisibleMan customer is a person who, when offered (or offering) a business card in a social situation, wants to quickly place extra information on that card in an unobtrusive way for later action - by themselves, the receiver or a 3rd party, but in a way a casual observer of the business card exchange cannot immediately identify or understand.

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Group 12: Socks or Sucks

A brand that moves clothes beyond color, fiber and form for personal messaging

Socks or sucks explores the use of clothing as an active communications medium by linking items of clothing to various communications media (WWW, RFID and Bluetooth) so as to embed greater meaning transfer ability in our clothing than just traditional fibre, form and color themes.  Their first item is a pair of socks that explores permanent or temporary QR Coding to express personal values and sentiments to people who are suitably "tuned in" to receive such information.  Target customers are extremely tech-savvy people who are seeking a higher-signal experience when they deal deal with people, especially for the first time.

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Group 13: Aloha

Aloha creates playful and fashionable bra straps along thematic lines

Aloha is a trendy firm that produces a line of attractive replacement straps for ladies intimates that are intended to be viewed as outerwear and fashion statement. Their latest item is a set of support straps for the brassiere with novel, attractive styling as well as familiar base functionality. Primarily intended for the active Young Adult female, Aloha can be used by any female looking to improve the areas of intimates that are most likely to be seen "by accident" in a social situation.

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Group 14: Enveloped

Lifestyle brand based on things that fit in a large, standard mailing envelope

Envelope is a modern minimalist lifestyle brand that has based its entire product ethos on a single design constraint; everything it makes must be able to fit in a large format mailing envelope and be able to be sent through the standard postal system.  This unique attitude towards product has spawned a range of very interesting items, including a lamp that can be mailed to anyone, anywhere.  Intended for the more reflective consumer, Envelope strives to integrate beauty, utility, function and style in the smallest possible footprint

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Group 15: Knot

Unique, China-themed fashion accessories that are impossible to mass produce

Knot specializes in producing one-of-a-kind, China themed jewelry including wedding rings, accessories, necklaces and other personal fashion adornments.  Every Knot item is unique:  Custom designed, crafted and produced for a single customer (or customer pair).  Leveraging the power of 3D Printing of precious metals, there are no molds or other manufacturing artifacts to make a second copy.  Once a Knot item has been executed to the satisfaction of the customer, the design documents that created them are locked away in a digital archive that only the customer can open.

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