Michael Chan

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Michael Chan

Master of Architecture (MArch, HKU)
BA (Architecture, UC Berkeley, California, USA)

Research Area
  • Sustainable and ecological design studies
  • Innovative structure assembling methods of medium-span bridge under operation conditions.
  • Studies on local cultures, eco-environment and traditional design method in the remote area of mainland China.

Michael Chan is the project leader of the eco bridge design, funded by Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable foundation in the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in association with Xian Jaiotong University. Recently, Michael also work closely with the Faculty of Construction and Land Use (department of civil engineering and survey) on the bridge building method, environment and ecology study of the remote are in Gansu province.

In the past 3 years, Michael was participating in the eco-bridge and school research, design and construction projects in Shannxi, Gansu, and Guangxi providences in mainland China. The objective of these projects is to explore and utilise local traditional construction methods, combine with modern building technology to achieve synergy.

Also, it is Michael's tradition to host community services activities and hosting design competition projects with selected groups of students and professionals during term breaks (e.g. Farewell So Uk 2007, Hug Hug Mural Painting 2006, Block Unblock 2006, Hong Kong Trade Service Council 2005 and Care for the Forest logo-design competition 2005.