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Margaret Ho

Margaret has been the ever-approachable Work-integrated Education (WIE) officer since joining PolyU Design in 2006.  She lines up clients and projects each year and finds time to sit into presentations so that she can have an insider’s understanding of the projects. During the summer, she ventures out to follow up with students who have taken up internships at different studios and agencies around Hong Kong.  Over the years, she has built up a network of hundreds of organisations for students to gain work experience through internship and co-operative projects, which are both under the Work-integrated Education (WIE) programme.

In addition to WIE duties, she is in charge of organising the DesignEd Asia Conference, a key event under the Business of Design Week. She works with Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Design Centre as organisers who aim to provide a practical platform for international design educators and professionals to share views, knowledge and experiences on Design Education.

Margaret also readily offers career advice to students whom may need some encouragement before and after graduation. The number of advice-seeking individuals may have influenced her to pursue her second Master’s degree in Guidance and Counselling from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her first degree is an M.B.A. from Cass Business School in London, UK. She also delights in her bowl of sugary offerings that a number of faculty members regularly stop by to sample.

Despite easily manoeuvring between staff, students, and delegates, Margaret prefers to curl up with a good book and her cat while her husband conquers the art world.

Margaret would like to thank Mandy for being the co-author of this profile page.