Laurent Gutierrez

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Laurent Gutierrez

The relation between bodies and territories.

Geographical navigations of both real and imaginary territories include processes and techniques of mapping, such as observation, collection, cataloging and representation; as well as strategic and tactical approaches to appropriation. Mapping, as a way to formulate a proposition, often results in a type of archive that develops a visual artifact that can communicate a primary intention, as well as a critical viewpoint. For instance, questions articulated around the limit of visibility and invisibility has become a dominant issue in our practice. With a focus on atmospheric conditions, the research often refers to Walter Benjamin’s concept of phantasmagoria or the spectacle of making ghosts come alive.


More recently, the development of fictions has become my primary mode to investigate these questions, towards the invention of new mythologies, using narration as a way to re-territorialize hyper-real environments. These fictions are documented through the use of drawing, photo or video documentation, and then are often communicated as narratives or performances.