Kenny K. N. Chow

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Kenny K. N. Chow

Research Areas

Personal informatics, behavior change, gamification, creativity and cognition, tangible and embodied interaction, user experience, visualization

Artistic and Design Interests

Metaphorical design, interactive narrative, generative art, film, animation, motion graphics


I obtained a Ph.D. in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. I also received an M.F.A. degree from the City University of Hong Kong and an M.Sc. degree and a B.Sc. degree from the University of Hong Kong.

Book publications:

  • Animation, Embodiment, and Digital Media: Human Experience of Technological Liveliness (ISBN:978-1-137-28307-8), 232 pages, 30 figures, 65,000 words (approx.), over 100 references, published by Palgrave Macmillan, September 2013. URL:
  • Multimedia Rules: Rethinking Design Principles (ISBN: 978-988-17489-8-0), co-authored with Violet Chan and Alex Ho, 132 pages, over 60 color and 30 b/w illustrations, CD-ROM included, published by the SD Press, 2009.

Latest journal publications:

  • C. K. Bruce Wan, Kenny K. N. Chow, Cees J. P. M. de Bont, and Paul Hekkert. (2020) "Finding synergy between oral and visual narratives on memorable and meaningful tourism experiences" Information Techology and Tourism.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow, Benny D. Leong, and Brian Y. H. Lee. (2018) “Imagining Consequences of Excessive Smartphone Use via a Character-Based Mobile Application” International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2018) “Sketching Imaginative Experiences: From Operation to Reflection via Lively Interactive Artifacts,” International Journal of Design.
  • Benny D. Leong, Brian Y. H. Lee, and Kenny K. N. Chow. (2018) “Collective Play versus Excessive Use: An Insight into Family-focused Design Intervention for Mobile Phone Overuse” International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.
  • Tan, Liang and Kenny K. N. Chow. (2018) "An Embodied Approach to Designing Meaningful Experiences with Ambient Media." Multimodal Technologies and Interaction.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow and Xi Xiaochao (2017) "Mapping Semantics of Designed Artfiacts and Chinese Ideographs with Blends." International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries. 2017, 4(3).
  • Kenny K. N. Chow and Xi Xiaochao. (2017) “Semantics of Abstinence: Conceptual Blending between the Chinese Character ‘Horn (角)’ and Wine Vessel Design in China,” The International Journal of Designed Objects.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2016) “Swing Compass: A Metaphorical and Embodied Approach to Structuring Choices for User Reflection,” Information Design Journal.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow, D. Fox Harrell, Ka Yan Wong, and Aditya Kedia. (2015) “Provoking Imagination and Emotion with a Lively Mobile Phone: A User Experience Study,” Interacting with Computers.

Latest conference proceedings:

  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2019) “Toward a Language of Blended Causality for Transforming Behavioral Data into Reflective User Experiences” Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Creativity and Cognition (C&C) 2019.

  • Kenny K.N. Chow (2018) "Time Off: Designing Lively Representations as Imaginative Triggers for Healthy Smartphone Use." PERSUASIVE 2018.

  • Tan, Liang and Kenny K. N. Chow. (2017) “Piano Staircase: Exploring Movement-based Meaning Making in Interacting with Ambient Media” in Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2017.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2017) “Designing Swing Compass with Liveliness: From Personal to Public Interactions” Proceedings of extended abstracts ACM International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI) 2017.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2016) “Lock Up the Lighter: Experience Prototyping of a Lively Reflective Design for Smoking Habit Control” in PERSUASIVE 2016.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow, D. Fox Harrell, Ka Yan Wong, and Aditya Kedia. (2015) “A Cognitive and Interpretive Approach to Imaginative and Affective User Experiences: Two Empirical Studies of Lively Interactive Artifacts” Proceedings of IASDR (International Association of Societies of
    Design Research) 2015 INTERPLAY
  • Kenny K. N. Chow, D. Fox Harrell, and Ka Yan Wong. (2015) “Designing and Analyzing Swing Compass: A Lively Interactive System Provoking Imagination and Affect for Persuasion” in PERSUASIVE 2015.
  • Kenny K. N. Chow. (2014) “Sharing Imagination And Emotion Through The Use Of Lively Interactive Products” Proceedings of the Colors of Care: The 9th International Conference on Design & Emotion.

I also got extensive practical experience in graphic design, animation, and film production for over ten years. Previous film projects include international collaborative movies The Moon (2009) and TICKETS (2007), which were selected and screened in the 6th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009 and the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival 2007 respectively.