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Jörn Bühring

Academic Engagement: Dr. Jörn Bühring is currently engaged in advancing a research culture in Design Economies that is collaborative, innovative, and highly impact focsued. This collaborative approach brings academia, designers, and business stakeholders together to develop high-impact design knowledge, concepts, and solutions. To this end, Dr. Bühring is the convener of the School of Design’s Design Economies research theme; furthermore, he leads SD's Ignite Innovation program specifically aimed at fostering Industry-University collaboration through tailored program initiatives. Dr. Bühring is Subject Leader for the curriculumn subjects: SD5202, lecturing in products and services innovation development; SD5173 Capstone Reflective Thesis, and SD5001 Innovation Tools for Strategic Design. Other subjects include SD5104 Branding: From Local to Global Strategies, and SD5406 Design Experience. Dr. Bühring also acts as as a PhD Chief Supervisor, and coach for Master students and their individual Capstone Thesis projects.

Research Focus: Dr. Bühring's main research explores design foresight (futures thinking), vision and fiction techniques as emerging thought-processes within Strategic Design and Innovation Management. Certified as a Professional Futurist and in Strategic Foresight (University of Houston), he is a full member of the "World Futures Studies Federation" (www.wfsf.org). Dr. Bühring has conducted futures research in, e.g. luxury hospitality (2020), and omni-channel retail (2020). With focus on the Financial Services sector as a core pillar of the economy, he leads several design project initiatives that explore wealth management futures from Millennial perspectives (2020, 2030). Engaigng with experts from industry and academia, Dr. Bühring research based on Delphi techniqes explored preferable futures into Wealth Management and Private Banking to the year 2030 (Greater China). From this body of work, animatied futures scenarios and concepts were produced into animated motion videos (2030). Developing Design Foresight techniques and appraches, a current project is focused on Greater China Public Transportation Futures (2030), which is supported by the ARUP Group.  

Dr. Bühring's research focus expands in the field of human-centred value innovation with emphasis on user, consumer and prosumer engagement propositions. An area of specific interest is experiential consumption, memorable experience constructs and dimensions, and designing experience co-creation concepts involving stakeholders within the experience economy.

Dr. Bühring's professional background, international work experience, and academic qualifications in Corporate Management, Business Innovation, Marketing and Brand Development have exposed him to various industry, company and project initiatives that include innovative start-ups, new business formations, and new market entries. As a global citizen, Dr. Bühring has worked across a wide range of global brand icons (e.g. Bang & Olufsen), organizational cultures, and geographic locations, having lived and worked in key markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and the United States.

Dr. Bühring holds a B.A. (equivilant) in Hospitality Management, an M.B.A. (VU) majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Ph.D. in Business and Consumer Engagement Innovation from the Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia).