Huaxin Wei

7 Years at PolyU Design
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Huaxin Wei

BSc (Xi'an Shiyou), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Research Interests

  • Interactive storytelling: structure, system, experience
  • Game design and analysis
  • Interaction design
  • Design evaluation
  • Human computer interaction

Huaxin Wei is an assistant professor in the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she is involved in the teaching and curriculum development of the programs of BA in Interactive Media and MDes in Interaction Design. Her primary research explores the use of interactive technologies in narrative design for digital media. In her doctoral research, she established a descriptive framework for systematic analysis of video games using a variety of structural perspectives. She then demonstrated the use of the framework through case analyses in several published works. Her current teaching and research subjects lie in the intersection of user-centred design and interactive media, including game design and analysis, interaction design and evaluation, interactive and digital storytelling, user research and usability studies, interface design, information visualization, and human-computer interaction.

Huaxin Wei holds a PhD from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada and a M.Sc. in Computing Science from University of Alberta, Canada.

Selected Publications

Wei, Huaxin, and Betty Durango. 2017. “Beyond Level Blueprints: Visualizing the Progression of Emotion and Narrative Driven Games.” In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity & Cognition, Singapore. New York, NY: ACM.

Wei, Huaxin, and Chaoguang Wang. 2016. “From Construction to Perception: Three Views of Level Design for Story-Driven Games.” Level Design: Processes and Experiences, edited by Christopher W. Totten, 53-78. Boca Raton, FL: A K Peters/CRC Press.

Wei, Huaxin. 2011. "Structuring Narrative Interaction: What We Can Learn from Heavy Rain." In ICIDS 2011: The 4th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Vancouver, Canada, November 28-December 1, 2011, 338-341. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

Wei, Huaxin, and Tom Calvert. 2011. "Conventions and Innovations: Narrative Structure and Technique in Heavy Rain." The Journal of the International Digital Media and Arts Association 8 (2): 59-68.

Wei, Huaxin, Jim Bizzocchi, and Tom Calvert. 2010. "Time and Space in Digital Game Storytelling." International Journal of Computer Games Technology, 2010, Article ID 897217, 23 pages, 2010. doi:10.1155/2010/897217.

Wei, Huaxin. 2010. "Embedded Narrative in Game Design." In Proceedings of the International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology (Futureplay ’10), Vancouver, Canada, May 6-7, 2010, 247-250. New York, NY: ACM.

Seif El-Nasr, Magy, and Huaxin Wei. 2008. “Exploring Non-Verbal Behavior Models for Believable Characters.” In Interactive Storytelling: Proceedings of the 1st Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2008, Erfurt, Germany, November 26-29, 2008, 71-82. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer.

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