Dorothy Fong

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Dorothy Fong

Trained as a designer and workplace consultant before joining PolyU Design, Dorothy has had experience in the design industry and was engaged closely in the design field for consulting work, design executions and strategic roadmaps. She also has a Master’s Degree in Design Strategies, which she completed in part-time mode for two years. She aims to bring her knowledge and connection with the design industry to students who need advice or just a chat regarding internships, client relationships, and pursuing their career in design after graduation.

Having first joined the marketing team in PolyU Design in 2016, Dorothy spent a great deal of time getting to know students and representing the School, and actively organized activities and visits for outsiders who are interested in higher education in design. As a Work-integrated Education (WIE) officer now, she is mainly in charge of internships and co-operative projects, which help students to gain exposure and experience in the industry before graduation.

Dorothy has a multi-cultural background due to her years of studying in high school in the UK, and would love to chat about interning overseas, studying abroad, or travelling. She welcomes all staff and students to approach her any time for any questions regarding Work-integrated Education (WIE).