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Daniel Elkin

Mr Elkin is a designer, builder, and maker with a decade of design and pedagogical experience. He has taken up the position of  Assistant Professor in Environment and Interior Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His work focuses on connections between tooling/physical capital, spatial agency, and design representation.

Educated at Cranbrook Academy of Art (MArch) and the University of Cincinnati (MArch, BSArch), Mr. Elkin's multidisciplinary career in making and design spans between architecture, art, product design, and activism. His 2015 Pontiac Lake Cabin was awarded alumni scholarship and keynote address awards at Cranbrook, and he received funding for subsequent Art Prize Grand Rapids installations, along with final round judging of his Featured Projects Proposal Bridge Valence: Remade Horizon. His research work into metalworking in Hong Kong and South China was published by the College Art Association (CAA), and the Architecture and Civil Engineering Conference, Singapore (ACE). His spatial activism work with student collaborators was to published in Cubic Journal's Design Social edition. His analysis of emergent spatializations and their relationship with design intervention and physical tooling will be published in the upcoming issue of Architectural Research Quarterly. He serves as the Cubic Journal Design Making first editor.

As a hands-on maker, Mr. Elkin works to find connections between making and significant impacts on spatial agency. By actualizing full-scale activist interventions, and working to understand the practical implications of new and old fabrication techniques, his research works to understand the deep relationships between socio-spatial environments, physical plant, and the design outcomes it allows. He believes strongly that designers can work to improve the outlook of design consumers by making things, and that all strategic and innovative thinking works best connected with the discrete realities of the made.