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Anita Law

Anita joined PolyU Design in 2007 with copywriting and marketing under her belt. 

She is currently Assistant Marketing Manager working with a team of representatives who are the faces of Jockey Club Innovation Tower (JCIT). She excels in communications, public relations, and digital marketing and utilizes these skills to connect with potential students and collaborators to the School of Design. She hopes to inspire young people who are considering design as a career. Though she has enlisted stellar guides for the JCIT tours, she still occasionally leads guests on a revealing circuit of the school. 

Before joining the school, she organized international conferences and overseas delegations for Hong Kong Computer Society. As Centre Manager at a medical faculty training centre has provided her skills to manage and motivate others. 

Her experiences in event management have allowed her to work with an array of people, including industry, faculty and students. With a dash of humour, her meticulous and cooperative nature has aided in running many of the School’s events smoothly. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Literature in English from The University of Hong Kong and earned a Master of Social Science (MSSc) in Corporate Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong while working full-time. 

She’s responsible for the PolyU Design social media pages including FaceBook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and JCIT Instagram account as well as keeping up with alumni in the industry. She enjoys connecting with people through various means, whether it is during the myriad number of events or virtually through online platforms. She not only hopes to inspire those considering a career in design but also to entice those that aren’t familiar with the profession at all to get to know the field.

She knows how to enjoy a great cup of tea and explores the world on her travels. You can find her on a run in the evenings or capturing the many moments of life throughout the day.