5 Years alumni


Yawei Zheng

Born in Hubei, China, Yawei received her bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan, China, and master degree in Artistic Design from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. She has 9 years study and working experience in product design filed. Especially interested in studying and analyzing the traditional Chinese Philosophies and Aesthetics, making connections with contemporary design concepts and practices. From the period of learning and design practice and 1year's working in the investigation project ‘Lifestyle China—an investigation of material lifestyle of urban China” of the Asian Lifestyle Design Research Lab, she has a clear understanding of the lifestyles of Chinese mid-class.To this audience, she has developed new products and/ or improve existing products. These new products, representing a healthy lifestyle, could also lead consumers to more rational consumption behaviours with continuous development in mind. Yawei starts her PhD program in the School of Design in 2008 and anticipates completing the research in 2011.

Research Title
A Method for Sustainable Product Design Inspired by Traditional Ecological Thinking Embedded in Everyday Chinese Objects

Dr. Sandy Ng (Chief Supervisor)
Prof. Ming Xi Tang (Co-supervisor)
Dr. Xiangyang Xin (External Co-supervisor)

About the Research
In art and literacy, Chinese traditional philosophy has been widely studied by many researchers, Although most of research works attempt to philosophically translate the important principles into contemporary meaning, It still has many new areas which attract more and more interests in Chinese design field. To understand the Chinese traditional philosophy it needs both knowledge background of national culture and comprehension in daily life. Some eco-design researchers have tried to represent some theories from traditional philosophy like 'follow the example of the nature' and 'moderate and efficient resource uses'. The problem is that people make new theories to explain old ones. To other researchers and designers those are still too vague and theoretical for design practice.

This project aims to establish a bridge-study from Chinese traditional philosophy and Aesthetics to contemporary sustainable design practice; to consider practical methods and processes for researchers and designers for sustainable design based on perspectives founds in Chinese traditional philosophy and its applications. The purpose of this research is to promote the cultural based identity of design in China and enrich and deepen the sustainable design methods and principles that help to push the sustainable design research.