2 Years alumni


Vivian Wenhua Li

Wenhua LI is a design practitioner and researcher. She holds Bachelor of Art from Zhejiang University and Master of Science from The University of Hong Kong. Involved in two different academic fields: cross-cultural communication and knowledge management, she profoundly aware the value of interdisciplinary knowledge. She has multidisciplinary work experiences related to higher education, media, design, and advertising industry. Her research interests include design practice, advertising, user experience, innovation diffusion, Asia Culture and cross communication, consumer behavior psychology and social media influence on consumer's attitude.

Research Title
Advertising and the Lifestyle of Middle Class in China Investigating the Impact of Advertising on Consumption Patterns and Lifestyles of Chinese Middle Class

Prof. Cees de Bont (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Vincie Lee (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
Innovation plays an important role in modern life and global economy. A meaningful innovation can bring wealth and improve life quality for people. Turbulent economic development in China accelerates the rise of Chinese international brands. Researches focusing on Chinese families are needed to understand the mega innovation consuming market. The research will explore Chinese family decision-making and innovation diffusion from three aspects:

  1. Consumer behavior: The characteristics of Chinese families and the roles they play in consumption decision-making. Identification of the role individuals play and their social media using preference will help marketers to customize promotion and media strategies.
  2. Innovation diffusion: How innovation diffusion works in Chinese market and the main reasons for families adopting innovative products. The research will help product designers for a better understanding on consumer needs.
  3. Advertising and brand strategies: advertising design and brand influence in China; the main reasons for families choosing certain brands; social media influence. Traditional media and social networking will be studied to understand media using habits and preferences in China. The results will help designers to adjust media design strategies.

This research will propose practical and effective strategies to encourage innovation be understood and adopted by more people. As result, the establishment of innovation diffusion system will drive industrial transformation and upgrading, consequently give impetus to the economic development and social progress in China, finally improve the quality of people's life and realize societal value.