4 Years alumni


Tsz for Leung

The recipient of Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA, Michael Kors once said,” Design is not for sissy”. I am not fully understand what is it means yet it crafted deeply in my heart. With 3-year-time past  in PolyU, projects pushing my limit to the extreme with lots of obstacles. I can hardly handle it, I was finding a way to evade. 

I live in the pool with my Hong Kong team members and coaches for ten years, It is my asylum. I practice hard every time I feel frustrated. With the toughness and exhausted free me from all the burdens. With the freezing water and labored breathing makes me feel alive. I started to think why would it happen. Why would I still go back to the toiling place? Time by time, day by day, I slowly realized that It is all about determination and passion