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Steven,Tsz Yeung Chan

I am Chan Tsz Yeung Steven who was born on September23,1991 in Hong Kong. Four years ago, I became the student of HD in multimedia design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. That was the first time for me to approach design. Under the professional courses of the school, I gradually developed my interest towards animation and video shooting.

In these two years, I began to study intensively in animation. I have produced a 2.5 minutes 3D animation by my own for the final year project. The project was finally being selected for the graduation screening. This encourage me to further pursue my development towards animation. In July 2013, I was worked as a part time in a animation design house, eMotionLab Ltd. In this company, I was responsible for the motion graphic of different promotional videos. In 2014, one of the project I have participated, AbundantWhale Infographic Video won the DFAA Design for Asia Awards. This gave me a great support and recognition for my career path on animation design.

I was so lucky that I could continue my study after the graduation of my higher diploma. I was entered to the BA in Digital Media. This two years course gave me a totally different horizon about multimedia design. As most of my classmate was proficiency in video shooting, I began to put my effort on cooperating in video shooting. Not only completed my school work, I have also participated in my classmate’s video production. In my final year project, our team was being picked up as the selected project that was the best one among all of the student’s work. At the same time, I have helped one of the other team to make the opening title and that was appreciated by all the tutors and one of the professional film producer.

The experience that I earned in these four years at school and work made me confident to be a designer in the future. I hope I could be one of the successful multimedia designers in my prospect.