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Peter C. K. Chuah

Born in Malaysia, Peter received his first degree in Business Studies (Information Systems) from Massey University, New Zealand, and a second degree in Instructional Design & Technology from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has worked in Singapore for the past 10 years as an instructional designer, learning and development specialist, associate tutor and course writer in various organizations including the National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Hewlett Packard Education Services, National Institute of Education and SIM University. With an appreciation for creative and visually appealing materials designers create to communicate and promote learning, Peter joined the School of Design in 2007 as a PhD student to integrate new media and visual communication design with the goal of enhancing online learning for design education.

Research Title
An Investigation into the Use of Digital Storytelling to Promote Memorable Learning Experience for Working Adults

Prof. Tim Jachna (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
E-learning has been around for awhile and the predictions for its expansion increase. However, the attrition rate and learners' satisfaction level with this learning strategy remain discouraging. The application of e-learning in design education is less apparent with a studio course presenting a substantial challenge. What are the causes of this awkward or less desirable situation? Is it due to predictable techniques and materials, lack of interactivity and social connections, or too much focus on technology? Or is it because of the lack of the most fundamental element – compelling and interactive studio-based learning experience that emotionally engages learners for meaningful learning?

Using a constructivist philosophical framework and reflective inquiry as an approach to construct and co-construct knowledge, this research hopes to first discover the basic characteristics of studio-based learning experience using various techniques including interviews, observation, and active participation to understand the basic characteristics and components of a design studio-based learning along with what comprises meaningful learning experience. The findings will then help to formulate appropriate strategies to implement a memorable studio-based learning experience that attracts, engages and retains learners in a technologically-mediated environment.


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    • You are a conceptual thinker with a strong desire to communicate with clarity and conviction via visual, verbal and written means.
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