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Peggy Li Jin Su

Born in Guangxi, China, Lijin graduated in 2008 with a bachelor degree from the School of Software Engineering in Nanchang University in mainland China. Upon graduation, she worked in Shenzhen as a Web Designer at an internet company. During this period, she participated in many projects on the interface design for websites. In 2011, Lijin joined the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an MPhil student.

Research Title
SNS in China - An Interface Requirements Analysis

Prof. Ming Xi Tang (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
With the fast development of online communication technologies, social networking sites (SNS), like MySpace, Facebook, have become popular ways of connecting people for professional and social activities on the Internet. In China, there are more internet users than any other countries. While the development of SNS in foreign countries has advanced rapidly, it is still at the stage of early development in China, in terms of design and interface quality. Based on the reviews on Chinese SNS, it can be found that many interface design ideas of many SNS in China are created without the requirement analysis of the potential users and comparisons of cultural dimensions.

This project aims at finding out what the interface requirements of SNS are for Chinese users, by looking at the relations between SNS interface features and design elements that are unique to the local culture and social behavior. The main objectives for this project are:

  1. Identifying the interface features of SNS mostly desired by the Chinese, and analyzing what characters a social networking site in China should have in order to ensure good usability.
  2. Developing the types of design elements required in Chinese SNS, and finding out how these design elements are to be used properly for improving SNS appearances in China.
  3. Studying people’s emotional responses to different SNS interfaces and differentiating the differences between adults and adolescents in order to improve SNS interface design for different user groups.