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Paul Lo

Paul Lo obtained his first degree Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Product Design and Analysis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He then furthered his studies by pursuing Master of Design in Advanced Practices in 2006. He worked as full time Research Associate in the Public Design Lab of the School of Design upon graduation. He has got solid experience in industrial and product design and his research interests are in lifestyle and recycling. As of the year 2009, Paul joined the School of Design as a PhD candidate.

Research Title
Policy and Design for Waste Recycling in Hong Kong Communities

Prof. Kin Wai Michael Siu (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
In Hong Kong, millions of tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) have been produced. The government needs to spend huge amount of money to manage the waste collection, transfer and disposal. The landfills in Hong Kong will be full within 7 to 10 years. Thus, it will be a serious problem in waste management. According to the government’s statistics, we may need to find more 400 hectares of space for new landfills area in the coming future. This area is equal to one-third of Hong Kong International Airport. Therefore, the role of conservation becomes critical. Most of the scholars would prefer to find new recourse to solve the problem. As we know that all the recourse will be used off one day, the most effective way for the conservation is recycling. My project’s objects are to explore the environmental and market perspectives on recycling, in particular to look into the social, political and culture factors of waste management and recycling practice in Asian and Western countries. In my study, the recycling systems in the Chinese mainland, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be compared. The study aims to identify the existing limitations and problems in Hong Kong’s recycling system and suggest possible directions and solutions in public design for improvement.