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“I challenge art forms as a cross-discipliner – my goal is to make anthropology and visual art, two seemingly gate-kept disciplines immersive and engaging to everyday people again – to me, these disciplines are beautiful, and that they are worthy of sharing in a more accessible tone.”


A passionate visual artist/illustrator/anthropologist born and raised in Hong Kong, currently based in Belgium.


I received my degree in Visual Communication Design in 2015, however, it is just the beginning of a long quest. As the commercialization of art and design had blurred the boundary between ‘creating to express (a.k.a. creating something new “but hard to categorize”)’ versus ‘creating to meet the market’s demand (a.k.a. creating something “already seen before”)’, an inevitable detachment arose in the entire art and design industry in the society – and it’s saddening as someone who enjoys beauties in life. In order to look at things from different angles, I sought my way first through commercial designs, and then comics and illustrations, fine art field, and eventually anthropology, where I conducted the research for my social anthropology master’s degree in the UK for more academic freedom. For my anthropological projects, please refer to:


Having a strong fondness in exploring aesthetic ideals, I always inclined to create visual art pieces that represent people’s passions and meanings in their lives. For collaboration or commission inquiry, please refer to: