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Newman Lau

Newman Lau was born in Hong Kong. He obtained his master degree as MPhil from the Electronic Engineering Department in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is now working as a lecturer in the School of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His duties involve teaching and learning, research and scholarly activities, and also services and consultancies. His research and development areas of interests include optical motion capture technology, character animation, movement analysis, feature extraction methods, motion sequence synthesis, crowd simulation, combat choreography, training model, and 3D game design and development.

Research Title
Fractal Analysis on Movement Variability in Spinal Curvature

PhD Advisors
Dr. Clifford Choy
Prof. Hung-Kay Chow
Dr. Jackie Kwok

Research Project
The project is about the analysis of static spinal motion in a way that can be described quantitatively the characteristics and differences between human subjects. This addresses the common problem that neither positional nor kinematic data can describe specially the behavior of human subject while performing static motion. What usually resulted is just a horizontal line with noise integrated. The proposal way of modeling using mathematical model is trying to break down the static noise motion data into characteristics which relates to the physiological behavior of our human body in terms of motor control. On one hand, the contribution will help to have a better understanding in design aesthetic of character motion along animation production.