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“Design is to reconsider the value and redefine our lifestyle,
to achieve the goal with courage and knowledge.”Iris Chu, a product-based lifestyle designer who keen on product design and development.

She has worked as a part-time designer for two years in Hong Kong which mainly about soft goods development, promotional graphic design, packaging design, character design and web UI design. She also has the extra working and living experience in India and Mainland China such as Guangzhou and Beijing.

“Design defines living quality. Good design could enhance the value of a product and improve the user experience.”Iris Chu.

Iris Chu is ambitious, outspoken, empathic and energetic. She loves learning new things from adventures and challenges. She eagers to contribute different design business in the future.

“ I aim to work in a smart way, being positive and achieve the same goal as a team, and you?"Iris Chu.