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Design that gives form and appeal, are complex and sophisticated processes of understanding people and society. Values which people share through the senses, are psychological and physiological processes of how an object interact with the users and how it is related to them. What intrigues me is the observation I do, of Humans, Animal, Climate and Elements. Observation done, are often noticed behavior that each individual call it their own.

Honing my skills in Industrial design, allows me to express my knowledge and the essence of human needs on my product. Hence, the array of project taken are carefully crafted to meet the desire of our daily experiential well-being.

Born in a family with a history of Chinese furniture trade, I grew up making my own toys and started to understand the engineering behind structures. Then after, I began proper product design education in Temasek Polytechnic (School of Design, in Singapore). Achieving consecutive recognition in the Dean’s list for all three years of education, graduating with a Diploma in Product and Industrial Design (PID) with Merit.

Subsequently accepted into The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU), School of Design. Which is in 2013 the only school from Asia on Business Insider’s World’s Best Design School list. I was given the opportunity in practicing my design knowledge one step closer to work realistic ground as HKPU is strategically position next to the world’s manufacturing ground, China.

My ultimate goal is to be a globally recognised Industrial Designer.