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Henry Ma

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Technical Arts, Henry was trained as a technology artist and worked as a designer in a number of projects including live performances and TV series. He also holds degrees in Master of Arts (Mass Communication) and Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester (UK). Henry has diverse interests in Arts and Design, Social Science, Technology and Economics.

Research Title
From “Made in China” to “Created in China” – Case Studies of “Cultural and Creative Industries” development in China

PhD Advisors
Prof. Tim Jachna
Prof. Lorraine Justice

Research Project
The fast economic development of China in recent decades has already helped it to gain a substantial position in manufacturing industries. It dominated the global production of textiles, footwear, toys as well as the recent high-tech productions in high value-added electronic and telecommunication equipment. Although China was named the “World Factory”, but the fact is that China still relies heavily on low cost of labour to attract outsourcing production from companies of developed countries. This foreign investment enterprise will move away from China if the favorable factor of low labour cost disappears. With the majority of China’s high value-added exports are originated from foreign investment enterprise, China would have to reconsider by how it can remain competitive in the years ahead.

Cultural development in China has long been used as propaganda and driving vehicle for political purpose. After China’s ‘reforming and opening-up’ (改革開放), structural changes have been made in the cultural system. China started to address the cultural industries as a national policy in 1998. With the impact of Creative Industries development in the UK, China adopted the term cultural and creative industries as the national strategy to perform a structural refinement in the industrial sectors. The introduction of cultural and creative industries might be a golden opportunity for China to leap toward to a new stage.

The research studies the historical development of cultural and creative industries, and formulates a theoretical framework to describe and analyze the possibility of China to leap forward from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’.