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Hao Jiang

Hao JIANG, Born in Dalian, China, lived in Shenzhen (China) since 12 years old. I got my BSc degree in Computer science. In 2007, I received my MSc degree (Multimedia design) in School of Design from University of Leeds, UK. The topic of master dissertation is “Saving water game design” and begun interested in animation design. After finished my Master degree, I’m to be an intern worked in Skyworth digit Technology Company for three months.

Research Title
Supporting Design and Technology Education at High Schools in China through the Integration of Social Networking and Computational Design Techniques

Prof. Ming Xi Tang (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Jose A. Rueda (External Co-supervisor)

About The Research
All of the parents think much of children’s education, and many teachers also want their students learned more and more knowledge at school. Early childhood education is much more important problem than before in children’s education. Early childhood spans the human life from birth to age 7. Education during this period is holistic in that it focuses on physical, intelligence, emotional and social education. Early childhood education takes many forms depending on the theoretical and educational beliefs of the educator or parents. Others terms that are often used interchangeably with “early childhood education” are “early childhood learning,” “early care” and “early education.” It is very important to involve the parent in early childhood programs as early as possible to help achieve the fullest potential. Parents always buy some resource to help their children study easy knowledge about science, language, music and so on. Many educator and scientist start pay more attention on preschoolers and primary school student’s education. They try to find the best approach to taught children some nonfigurative knowledge. Some experts used experiments and analyze how to use animations to help preschoolers to obtain more efficient distribution strategies. Using animation taught higher education area, such as computer technique and ocean wave forecasting.

The aim of this research is relevant to animation design on 6-12 years old children and students education. Most of parents spend lots of time and money on their children, especially for any countries which allowed people only have one kids. Parents hope their child to obtain favorable education from primary school, high school and university. To educated children in a useful and funny way became a hot issue in recent years. Research from the books, journal, newspaper and internet find out the similar projects and discourses. Use programming skill and application software to design a three-dimensional animation demo to represent a natural phenomena or a scientific general knowledge.