Fawaz Bakhotmah

3 Years alumni


Fawaz Bakhotmah

Fawaz Abid Bakhotmah was born in Rafha, a town in the north of Saudi Arabia. Rafha was the main location for the Trans-Arabian Pipeline for oil (Tapline). In its heyday, it was a great innovation and one of the most important factors for the global oil trade and petroleum economic development.

Fawaz’s growth, study and work were in Makkah (Mecca) the holiest city in Islam and Jeddah the bride red sea. By the way, Jeddah is world’s largest open-air art museums, the hub for Muslim shopping and the place for the first Saudi's university called; King Abdulaziz University (KAU) the place Fawaz's work and the place he got his bachelor degree in Architecture. Fawaz gets his master degree in design from the University of Tsukuba through the Japanese Monbusho Scholarship.

Professionally, Fawaz started his career as a municipality architect, and then he practiced architecture and interior design with a group of friends. However, he backed to the government to supervising variety of teams in airport design projects and different decision committees. Ten years later, he was appointed to lead group of engineers, one of huge urban mount development in Holy City of Makkah. Then, he became a Senior Architect for the new King Abdulaziz International Airport Development (KAIA). Before he came to Hong Kong for Ph.D study, he was appointed as a lecturer at the architecture department, KAU, where he taught visual communication, basic design and undergraduate architecture studios. At the same time, he was a consultant for the mega and innovative projects department at Jeddah Municipality.

Research Title
Supporting development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through culture-based innovation.

Peter Hasdell (Chief Supervisor)
Prof. Ming Xi Tang (External Co-supervisor)
Prof. Xiangyang Xin (External Co-supervisor)

About the Research
The King of Saudi Arabia has established King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a new "House of Wisdom" in the Arabian Desert through incredible time and incredible cost. 12.5 billion USD bring King's dream to a real fascinating development, surely, such vision makes Saudi Arabia involving with the advanced knowledge worldwide. Fawaz's Ph.D research came as a reflection of the above real dream vision. Likely, could Saudi Arabia establish another fascinating development in field of Innovation that interacting between design excellence, cultural identity and economic value!

Research Objective: Rapid globalizations urge Saudi Arabia to recognize the importance of design and innovation through its development strategies in order to enhance competitiveness of the economy, and optimum implementation of its opportunities.

Research Problem: Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries due to its natural resources. Also, It is implementing several huge strategies related to Youth, Investment, Tourism, Economic, Transport, IT, Science and Technology, in addition Saudi Arabia has deep history, unique culture, youth majority as well as combative minds. However, the researcher through his experiences in government and private design sectors, he fully convinced that there is no tangible and clear design and innovation output of these opportunities in relation to the global competitiveness.

Research Need: Such a serious problem, it needs empirical research to investigate the suitable vision for Saudi Arabia development based on the best opportunity scenarios for the future driving by design and innovation.

Research Plan: Research will achieve through the culture-based innovation due to the great opportunities that Suadi Arabia has in the area of culture and heritage.