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Clare Tianjiao Zhao

Born in Heilongjiang, China, Zhao Tianjiao (Clare) received her bachelor degree in Industrial Design and master degree in Mechanical Design from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. She has participated in several projects about product design and mechanical design. She is interested in the relationship between facilities design and user’s ideas. Her current research topic is about public facilities for underground public places in China.

Research Title
Freedom and Control in Public Space: Quality of Everyday Life in Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway

Prof. Kin Wai Michael Siu (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
With the development of the cities, there have been more underground malls, gymnasiums, beauty parlors, libraries, parking lots and subway stations. However, in China, once people mention the underground space, the words dark, far-reaching and occlude would arise in our minds. Underground public facilities play an important role between the environment and the users. Hence, public facilities with high design quality are necessary and essential. In designing underground public facilities, designers should consider the physiological, psychological, cultural and social factors. For example, design should satisfy people’s basic physiological needs, while it is required to provide psychological, social and cultural pleasures to people.

In my PhD research study, I intend to organize my research from three levels of culture: inner level (traditions, cultural values, and psychological factors), intermediate level (behavior and activities), and outer level (objects and materials).

The research objectives and activities include:

  • Explore the comprehensive (all-around) functions of underground public facilities.
  • Explore the users’ behaviors and analyze the similarities and differences between different users.
  • Analyze the inner level of the users; identify the reason for the behavior of using public facilities; analyze how design can fulfill the users’ inner level demand.
  • Analyze the specific requirements of design for Hong Kong underground public facilities.