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Mango, Chun Pong Tam

Mango is a designer in Hong Kong. He received his Degree in Coventry University (UK) major in Creative Technologies. Now he is studying Master of Design Strategies in Poly University.

He is currently Digital Design Manager of China Travel Service Ltd. He has been working in design Industry for more than 13 years. His professional major in web & UX design also project coordination.

Mango always believe that there is no good or bad design, Design is about suitable for different situations.  

Besides design professional, Mango is an indie music artist in Hong Kong, His project is called mango532. He plays music at home and shares his music at the website mango532.com, KKBox also bandcamp.  

His clients include

Fashion Brand:              6ixty8ight, No Romeo, O lingerie, BRATEX

Travel Company:           ctshk.com, mangocity.com, travelzen.com

TV Channel:                   Star TV, Star Movie, Star World

Telecom Company:       Sunday

Sport Wear:                   Polar, NEW BALANCE

Audio Company:           Soul Audio