4 Years alumni
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My name is Amber Chan study in Advertising Design year 2. I like people call me 超人 superwoman. This nickname comes from my real name. I really like this name because I think it is powerful just like I can do anything. This funny name also attract people to find out who am I! I like to talk with people. Their story can inspire me to creative. 

I love Design. It not only makes my life colorful but also meaningful. It is very interesting to see something impossible become possible. I also like observation, sometimes you may find something is fascinating to help you creative. I like DIY, every Christmas I will design a card send to my dear friends to hope they have a great Christmas. I like to take photo when I find something interesting. Every photo have their own story. 

I learn how to creative thinking. The technical skills like how to use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and Flash can help me present my Idea more effective.