2 Years alumni


Albee Xin Chen

Born in Hubei, China, CHEN Xin (Albee) holds a master degree in Interaction Design from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 2012. She got her bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei in 2009. Albee worked as interns in some leading companies (e.g.) Microsoft Research Asia, NOVA Design Company, Shenzhen ARTOP Design Company, Shanghai s.point Design Company, etc.)to practice what she had learnt from Schools. The working experience developed her abilities of conducting design projects and team working.

Albee’s research interests include interactive product design, human product interaction, design behavior, form design and interaction, information design. Her PhD research area is studying mobile digital product design in the context of Asian lifestyle transformations.

Research Title
Smart Mobile Devices in Lifestyles under Transformation: A Comparative Study of Smart Communication among Youth in Hong Kong and Beijing

Prof. Kin Wai Michael Siu (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
In 21st century, lifestyles of social and individual patterns have undergone fast changes. Cultural, economical and technological globalization requires global designs. “Globalization” seems to make people integrate into one great culture and trends, while internet technology also enables designers to carry out design services and design practice without borders. On the other way, diverse regional and local cultures and individual preferences and practices are still seen.

Today, people have inevitably generated and required new demands under the influence of digital and information age. Moreover, it is a fact that the hot issues in today's world have focused more on Asia. However, Asia has the largest and most complex cross-border ethnic relations. The processes and situations of different kinds and generations of civilization and social development of different nations and countries are diverse and complicated. To obtain a better quality of design to fit for these social changes and diversities, it is important to have an in-depth study on design and lifestyle.

The purpose of the research is to have better understanding of the Asian people and their lifestyles and how all these related to design. The study focuses on mobile digital product design. In the research, user-centered design approach and user research methods will be adopted. Based on case study on mobile digital products in Chinese market, an analysis on the design directions, principles, processes, implementation and marketing strategies will be conducted. The study is not only on the current market, but also the potential and future markets. The study also explores how the product designers involved in the Asian mobile digital design process and positioning. It expects to explore and generate knowledge on whether and how user-centered design of mobile digital product design can fit for the transformation of Asian lifestyle.