Photo Exhibition of Young Mothers' Life in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, about 1000 teenage girls have become young mothers every year. This is a courageous decision for all of them. Nonetheless, they have to bear the burdens of "lacking experience", "low education level" and "low income". Life is tough, but these young mothers face difficulties and stigmas with hope and smile, trying their very best to strike a balance between study, career, and taking care of their children. They are mothers, also young girls.

香港每年約有一千名青少女成為年輕媽媽,她們 勇敢地選擇了承擔一個新生命,但很多卻背負著 「低資歷」、「低學歷」及「低收入」的重擔。即使 她們面對著生活的辛酸、社會的負面批評、仍然 面帶微笑、心存盼望,努力在繼續學業、事業與照顧小朋友之間取得平衡。她們是媽媽,也是青 少女。

The Project Team 製作團隊
Planning and Coordination 計劃統籌:
LAM Bowie 林寶儀
Executive Director, Teen’s Key - Young Women Development Network

LAU Wing Sze 劉穎詩
Project Officer, Teen’s Key - Young Women Development Network

CHAN Chitat 陳智達
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU

FUNG Ho Yin 馮浩然
Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Design, PolyU

LIU SumYin Jessica 廖心然
Research Assistant, Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU

Other Project Staff and Volunteer 其他工作人員及義工:
Kat Wong, Lilian Yim

Photagraphy 攝影:
SeeWhy, Lokki, Chloe, Enoch, Thomas, Caleb
Sponsor 贊助:
Her Fund 婦女動力基金

Thank you for listening to young mothers’ stories, please visit the link below to encourage them!