Master of Design: Urban Environments Design Graduates Exhibit

The MDES Urban Environments Design Graduates Exhibit is the culmination of the 18-month programme in urban environments. It showcases a range of graduating design projects and thesis projects done through the final third of the programme.

The overall ambition for the MDES UED Capstone this year has been to develop design related theses that critically and speculatively position both individuals work and the programme within a set of wider discourses on urbanism and on urban environments.

Through the Capstone Research subject (May - August 2016), preliminary research and individual investigation were used to position a critical and conceptual stance for the subsequent Capstone thesis project. Research fields spanned a diverse range of knowledge and urban conditions including: the Nine Dash Line in the South China Sea; the One Country Two Systems policy regulating HK’s development; surveillance in Kowloon; the Confucian conception of space; hollowed out villages; and others.

The second stage, the Capstone Project subject (September – December 2016) as the most significant part of the MDES UED programme, synthesised individuals research into a project or thesis. The final studio-based work emphasised an individually defined brief, program and concept on the one hand or defined critical or conceptual ‘thesis’ on the other. This provided an opportunity for individuals to develop and test their own critical positions as well as to develop their own appropriate means of representation, and development process, best suited to unfolding/ structuring their thesis or project narrative. Often thesis-based projects developed a speculative angle that aimed to provoke discussion by raising questions rather than questions rather than through the provision of solutions, whilst project-driven ones were more driven by contextual and programmatic resolution. Project and thesis outcomes included a speculative thesis for One Country, One Point Five Systems; an Oligopticon proposal for TST area; a resilient city model; explorations on Big Data.

Tutors/ Thesis supervisors
Associate Professor Peter Hasdell (Coordinator & Tutor, Capstone Project); Assistant Professor Dr Gerhard Bruyns (Coordinator, Capstone Research; Tutor, Capstone Project)

Capstone Research supervisors
Research Assistant Professor Melissa Cates Christ (Tutor, Capstone Research); Assistant Professor Dr Gerhard Bruyns (Coordinator, Capstone Research)

Alvin Yip; Daniel Elkin; Evonne Tam; Prof Ilpo Koskinen; Joe Liao; Kuo Jze Yi; Melissa Cates Christ; Mok Ting Yan, Julia; Shirley Chang; Tan Ming, Roy; Tung Kwok Wah, Henri

Au Chak Ming, Jacky; Chan Kei Yan, Kiona; Chan Wai Hin, Jacky; He Chenglin, Ivy; Huang Qingchun, Leila; Lee Yin Man, Keith; Liu Shanzhi, Adolph; Wang Liyuan, Lily; Wong Tsz Tung, Ada; Ye Shu, Sherman; Zhang Xiuyuan, Ellen; Zhang Qiwei, Bonnie