Timely HK Exhibition

Timely Hong Kong is a large art installation designed by a group of PolyU Design students that was presented at the Maker Faire Hong Kong in November 2015. It engaged members of the public to co-create 4,000 lamps to form a structure mimicking the landscape of the famous Lion Rock. Each lamp represents an individual’s feelings towards Hong Kong.

Advertising Design: Agyness Wu / Joanna Chan / Wing Lam Li
Communication Design: Kennis Lok / Kylie Lee / Shuwa Tong
Product Design: Oliver Edgreu / Vivian Ng / Winny Kwok
Environment & Interior Design: Connie Cheung / Jeffiahoo Wong / Owen Jim Gim
Project Tutor: KC Tsang
Subject: SD4001 Cooperative Project, BA(Hons) Scheme in Design